A Plastic Free Year.

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A Plastic Free Year.
Do you do ‘New Years Resolutions’?
Well I’m not really big on them but this year one thing I’ve been thinking of is.....
LESS PLASTIC in our home.
So at Well Natured this year one of my goals will be to bring you more plastic free options.
To start with we have shampoo bars, deodorant sticks, dish and laundry sticks and a few soap bars and balms in tins. Cardboard and tin can be recycled and are fast becoming new options for packaging products. 
Loofahs are also a big hit and I am finding them easy to use and when you are done with them just put them in the compost bin.
A lot of our products are still packaged in plastic but it can all be recylced in your bins at home and also the soft plastic can be recycled at soft plastic collection points which are located at your local coles or woollies stores.
As always the products I offer will always be Australian made and eco responsible.
Stay connected with us and we can help each other out on this journey.
It doesn’t happen overnight so be patient with yourself. Start off with one or two items and build it from there.
Pictured are a few products already in my collection.
Take care of yourself and our planet.
Well Natured.

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