Camping And Caravaning The Eco Way

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Camping And Caravaning The Eco Way With The Well Natured Eco Camping Pack

Are you making plans to go camping or cravaning? Well, you will definetly need this pack that has been carefully put together with the environment in mind and trvelling lightly. 

Everything you will need to take with you on a camping trip or when you are on your caravaning adventure. Wash hair, body, hands, dishes, clothes, clean, disinfect and sanitise as well. 

A minimal amount of products that are all grey water and eco safe so you won't be causing any harm to the environment or your skin with these gentle products.


Pack includes:

Tri Nature Supre Multipurpose Cleaner - Clean greasy areas such as kitchen, table tops, benches, outdoor settings. 500ml

Tri Nature Disinfectant Lemon Myrtle - Disinfect toilets, bathrooms, eating areas. This also comes in an unscented variety.  500ml

Tri Nature Chamomile Dish washing liquid - Wash dishes, eating utensils, wash clothes, bedding, wash your dog.  500ml

Liquid Castile Soap - Use as a body wash, hand wash, face wash or even wash your hair. This also comes in an unscented variety.  500ml

Shampoo with a Purpose Shampoo Bar - Wash your hair & body. 130g 

Tri Nature Hand sanitiser - Sanitise your hands with this gentle plant based formula. 120ml


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