Check Out Well Natured June Specials - Room Sprays & Air Fesheners.

Check Out Well Natured June Specials - Room Sprays & Air Fesheners.

Check Out Well Natured June Specials - Room Sprays & Air Fesheners.

We all want our homes and certain rooms to smell fresh and in many cases eliminate a bad odour, so what should you reach for? Reach for a products that won't add toxic fumes or nasty chemicals in your home or area where you should be safe and free to breath fresh aromas. 

So Well Natured has an amazing fresh and safer collection of room sprays and air fresheners for you to choose from. Filled with essential oils and plant based odour eliminators to do the job right without irritating any of your family members especially if they have allergies.

So this month our June specials are the Tri Nature room sprays, Our Eco Air fresheners and Ausganica 100% certified organic hydrosols.

The Tri Nature range has a unique 2-step action to ensure that odours are eliminated quickly & completely, rather than being temporarily masked.  The first action uses a soy based odour neutralising ingredient to rapidly eliminate existing odours. Whilst the stale and unpleasant odours are being eliminated, the second action is adding a delicate burst of fragrant freshness to the air.  Harnessing the indulgence of premium essential oil based fragrances; Tri Nature’s Designer Series Room Sprays are the epitome of luxury.  Available in 3 fresh fragrances.

The Our Eco range is an invigorating blend of 100% essential oils and water allowing Mother Nature to work with you, by refreshing your home and indulging your senses. Ideal for the bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and your office. 3 Fragrances to choose from.

The Ausganica Hydrosols are 100% certified organic floral waters distilled from the flowers.  All natural and pure floral water as is from nature, without any artificial additives. No Alcohol.  No Artificial Fragrances.  No Preservative. Choose from Lavender or Rose Otto. Can be spritzed on the skin to refreshen and hydrate or use as a linen spray. 


Room sprays, air fresheners and hydrosols are all 10% OFF in JUNE.

You can check them out on our online store HERE.

Take care of yourself & our planet.


Owner of Well Natured.



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