Spring Cleaning -The Eco Well Natured Way

Spring Cleaning -The Eco Well Natured Way

Spring Cleaning -The Eco Well Natured Way

It's that time of the year when it starts to get a little warmer and sunnier and we think of all the little cleaning jobs we would like to tackle. 

During Winter, our homes tend to stay closed up with heaters on, which promotes the growth of mould spores and poor air quality. We are not really motivated to do much but as the weather gets better our energy levels start up again and we are ready to refresh our home sweet homes. It is important for good health that we give our homes a thorough clean at this time of year, and open up the windows as often as possible to let fresh air flow through.

As you set your cleaning goals one thing you need to also think about is what products you will be using. Keep in mind you are cleaning and refreshing your home so it's best to choose eco responsible and plant based cleaners to do the job right and to keep your home safe and toxic free once it's clean. 

The Well Natured Spring Cleaning Bundle is the perfect starter to your spring cleaning projects. It includes some popular and essential basic eco friendly and safe products to help make the job quickly and easily. 

Here is what is included in the bundle. Save 5% on all bundles at Well Natured.


Tri Nature Disinfectant

The perfect all-rounder for Spring cleaning. Great for disinfection of all surfaces such as toilets, bathrooms, bench tops, tables and more.


Tri Nature Oven & BBQ Cleaner

Now is the time to give your oven that thorough clean that it requires. This high performance oven & BBQ cleaner will easily remove build up with minimal fuss. Don't forget to refresh the BBQ so it's ready for the summer BBQs and parties. 


Tri Nature Glass Cleaner

Wipe your windows, glass doors, and mirrors down to remove marks & mould build up from moisture through the cold season. The unique anti-fogging quality in Hyaline Glass Cleaner will help prevent future marking on your glass. This amazing product has no ammonia in it so it's gentle for everyone around the home. 


Tri Nature Multipurpose Cleaner

A gentle yet powerful multipurpose cleaner which is ideal for greasy areas without the harsh odours or toxic residues. Ideal for use on a variety of sound hard surfaces including tiles, marble, granite, laminate, paintwork, stainless steel, vinyl, acrylic, plastic, aluminium, and glass. 


Lil'Bit Better Room And Linen Spray

To finish off a day of cleaning use this beautifully light, floral room spray that is so subtle and refreshing. No overpowering, heavy scents, just a spray of the freshest spring scent in any room or on your linen. We have a few different room sprays to choose form if this one isn't your style.


You can purchase this Well Natured Eco Spring Cleaning Bundle HERE.

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Happy Spring Cleaning,

Vicky K

Well Natured Owner.



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