Well Natured Market Life

Well Natured Market Life

Well Natured Market Life

One of my favourite things I look forward to since starting Well Natured is attending Markets and Pop Ups. It is a perfect way to show off all the Australian eco responsible products I have to offer you.

I also love meeting so many wonderful people and having some interesting converations and a laugh. It's the best way to show you and instruct you on how to use products and for you to touch, smell and feel the samples that are on display on the day.

Shoppers love smelling the room sprays and massaging the moistirisers on their hands and I am always facinated by the expressions on thier faces when they find that perfect scent or product for their needs. 

So please stay in touch so you can be informed of all the events Well Natured will be attending. The best way to do that is to conect to our socials like the Well Natured VIP Facebook Group or my subscribing to my email list. 

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