Spring Clean The Well Natured Eco Responsible Way

Spring Clean The Well Natured Eco Responsible Way

Spring Clean The Well Natured Eco Responsible Way

It’s time to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring & free samples.

During Winter, our homes tend to stay closed up with heaters on, which promotes the growth of mould spores and poor air quality. It is important for good health that we give our homes a thorough clean at this time of year, and open up the windows as often as possible to let fresh air flow through our homes.

Now more than ever we need to be careful what products we are cleaning with as we have been spending so much time inside or homes. The fumes from toxic cleaning products may linger for days as we shower, mop floors and even clean our ovens. You can start slowly with one or two products that you use the most and slowly build it from there.

This Spring I am giving away 2 free samples with every purchase so you can try a variety of cleaning products for yourself. This offer is for my VIPs so click the link below and join my VIP facebook group if you haven't already done it.

Free samples on offer:

Tri Nature Excel Bathroom Cleaner: Excel Bathroom Cleaner is a powerful, all-purpose naturally derived bathroom and toilet cleaner that neutralises and removes contaminations common in the toilet, basin, bath, and shower areas.

 Tri Nature Cream Cleanser: A high performance, gentle, naturally derived cream cleanser that requires no hard scrubbing and leaves surfaces sparkling clean.

Tri Nature Maxim Descaler: An excellent, naturally derived maintenance product for your dishwashing and laundry machine, kettle, and coffee machine.

Tri Nature Citrus Rinse Aid: A naturally derived, environmentally friendly rinse aid concentrate for automatic release in dishwashing machines. Leaves all items dry and sparkling clean with a streak and spot free finish.

Tri Nature Dishwashing Powder: This naturally derived, phosphate-free dishwashing powder is the best green alternative on the market. This high performance, eco dishwasher detergent will leave your dishes clean, fresh and residue-free without the need for toxic chemicals.

Tri Nature Laundry Pre Wash Soaker: A gentle herbal enhanced pre-wash stain remover and soaker that removes difficult stains and contaminations from fabrics prior to washing.

So simply join Well Natured VIP Facebook group and then when you make a purchase this spring you get to choose any 2 samples from the list above for free. Offer ends 30th November 2021.

Click here to join Well Natured VIP Facebook Group

Take care of yourself and or planet,

Vicky K.


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