Well Natured Eco Friendly Bulk & Bundles

Well Natured Eco Friendly Bulk & Bundles

Well Natured Eco Friendly Bulk & Bundles

Spring has arrived and this month Well Natured is offering great savings on four bundles that will help you with your spring cleaning, laundry and in the kitchen.

The cleaning bundle : Clean, disinfect and control mould all over the house and then finish it all off with a fresh room spray.

The laundry bundle : All your laundry items will come out clean and soft the first time. Subtle scents and powerful plant based products that will not irritate your family's skin.

The kitchen bundle : Turn your kitchen into an eco kitchen with this bundle. An assortment of products to keep your kitchen area, dishes and machines clean without any nasty ingredients and your hands will thanks you too. 

As well as our special bundle offers Well Natured also offers bulk items. Save money, time and our planet by buying in bulk and bundles. All products are grey water and septic tank safe.

Buy Bulk HERE.

So be prepared for Spring cleaning and shop our specials HERE.

Take care of yourself and our planet.

Vicky K

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