Natural Winter Wellness Helpers

Natural Winter Wellness Helpers

Natural Winter Wellness Helpers

There is something about winter that can change you physically and mentally.

The colder temperatures, fewer hours of daylight, more time indoors and also those nasty bugs going around.

There are a few things you can do to support your overall health this season and some little helpers can make the journey so much easier.

Wash your hands regularly. Germs spread easy during winter so it's important to stay on top of personal hygiene by washing your hands regularly. If you are going to wash your hands regularly you are going to need a very gentle, moisturising hand wash just like the Tri Nature Hand Wash.

Protect your skin. The harsh cold elements outdoors and the constant heating in doors makes our skin feel dry, tight and sometimes cracked and bleeding. Give the Tri Nature Blood Orange Hand and Body Moisturiser a go, it is food for your skin and will heal and moisturise with all it's nourishing ingredients. Lips also need some TLC so smother The Physic Garden Lip Balms on your lips constantly to keep them protected. Keep drinking lots of water too.

Keep those bugs away. The Tri Nature Disinfectant is a safer alternative to use in your home around all your family. Spray on all surfaces that are touched regularly to limit the spread of germs around the home. A little spritz in the air can also help decrease bugs floating around. 

Top up your Magnesium. Magnesium is truly amazing and it is important for so many processes in the body. In winter it facilitates chemical conversions in the body that produce melatonin and serotonin, two compounds that make you feel happy so you can beat the winter SAD (seasonal Affective Disorder). Magnesium can also help your body fight infection when you are sick.                   Try Amazing Oils Magnesium Spray. 

Use A Natural Vapour Rub. If you need a little bit of extra care if you get sick then a natural vapour rub is a great alternative like The Physic Garden Vapour Rub. It has all the good stuff, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, White Camphor & Rosemary, without the rubbish. And it does the job and smells delicious.

You can purchase these winter helpers separately or buy the lot in a bundle and save money and be prepared over the winter season.  

BUY the Well Natured Winter Wellness Bundle and save 5%.


This natural pack of wellness provides a holistic approach designed to help you stay well throughout the winter months. Enjoy plant-based formulas full of natural ingredients to promote your health and wellbeing.

Look after yourself and our planet,


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