SUPRE Multipurpose Cleaner (Grapefruit & Palmarosa)

SUPRE Multipurpose Cleaner (Grapefruit & Palmarosa)

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SUPRE Multipurpose Cleaner (Grapefruit & Palmarosa)

A gentle, yet powerful herbal based cleaning solution for wiping away greasy contaminations quickly and easily.
* Ideal for use on a variety of sound hard surfaces such as tiles, bench tops, laminate, painted surfaces and outdoor areas.
* Offers superior cleaning performance without the harsh odours or toxic residues of ordinary household cleaners.
* Ideal for a wide range of greasy and difficult cleaning jobs.
* Fragranced with essential oil  based fragrance of Grapefruit & Palmarosa

Health & Environmental Considerations
Suitable for use in grey water and septic systems.
Made from 100% plant based materials.
Packaged in recyclable plastic.

 Contains: Water, Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate, Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Quaternary Amine Surfactant, Sodium Silicate, Methyl Methoxy Butanol, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Citric Acid, Essential oil based fragrance.