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The Australian Natural Soap Comapny - Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser 100g

The Australian Natural Soap Comapny - Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser 100g

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The Australian Natural Soap Company - Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser with Zinc (Calamine)  100g


Developed especially for sensitive skin types, this antibacterial fusion of natural oils and Zinc will help soothe dry, irritated and flaky skin. You’ll feel good knowing Australian Mother Nature has gifted your soap some natural superpowers. Keeps cranky skin calm, flare-ups at bay and helps to clear the complexion. Fragrance free, yet somehow smells delicately divine. 

This little wonder-bar foams froths and fizzles to give you skin suppleness. Make it the cleansing, hydrating star of your daily skincare routine.




 If you’re dealing with dry, dehydrated, or pesky irritated skin, this little unscented skin-saving superhero is your new skincare sidekick.

Zinc is super-gentle on your skin and unbelievably hydrating, giving you a natural healthy glow.

We’ve combined the ultimate cleanser with nourishing plant-based oils that leave your skin feeling soft, soothed, and moisturised.

Pure plant oil for daily hydration, nourishment and improved skin health.

Palm oil free, cruelty free, vegan, sulfate free and biodegradable.

Handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia.

100% Plastic Free Packaging!



 There are no chemicals in these cleansers but it’s still a good idea to avoid contact with your eyes. Simply wet your skin. Rub the bar on your hands to make a rich lather or directly on the face. Massage onto skin. Wash off. Pat dry.



Saponified Castor Oil, Saponified Olive Oil & Zinc Oxide.

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